Welcome to the Mount Kato Ski Patrol

Proudly servicing the Mount Kato Ski Area

Click around and see what you find. We are a fun group of people who enjoy skiing and snowboarding, and take pride in assisting injured skiers and snowboarders. All of our patrollers go through extensive training in Outdoor Emergency Care. (The Mount Kato Ski Patrol is an all volunteer service that services the Mount Kato Ski Area.) If you are interested in joining our patrol, click on the "What it takes" link. Every October we hold a Ski Swap, where the public as well as vendors can bring their winter sports equipment (new and used) to the area and the Ski Patrol will help sell it. Click the Ski Swap link to learn more.

2019 Ski Patrol Candidate Classes Start September 9th

If you're intersted in becoming a Mount Kato Ski Patroller contact us soon for class info. Click the Contact Us tab above. All potential cnadidates must be signed up in advance by September 1st to ensure we have enough candidates to hold the classes.

The 2019 Ski Swap Sale October 11th & 12th


Equipment Check-In: October 10 (noon-8pm) & 12 (8am-4pm)

Swap Sale: October 11 (4:30pm-8pm'ish) & October 12 (9am-5pm)

Equipment Pick-Up: October 12 (1pm-5pm) & October 14 (5pm-8pm)

Any equipment not picked up by 8pm the final day will be considered a donation and the Ski Patrol will dispose of the items.

(New terms and conditions apply for those selling items. Please see the "Ski Swap" page for details.)